Tell us about your family’s personal experience in Singapore. You can email us directly at, or use the form below to start.

If you’d like to write about health care issues, please check out our list of planned topics for ideas and to contribute your own.

The easiest way to tell a story is to start at the beginning and write out the events. It can be super hard to write about something painful at first but afterwards, you can understand the experience better and the memories feels less overwhelming. You might try writing down a memory from each day or month.

Another way could be to explain your child’s condition and treatments just as if you were writing to a friend who cared but didn’t know anything. Tell them what you wish they understood.

Write down the little moments – funny, warm and sad – that you remember most clearly.

Sometimes, telling a story is like throwing a lifeline to the families going through the same experiences behind you — what you learned first-hand can make their journey a little less lonely and a little better.

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Submitting your story

  • You can submit stories in English, Chinese, Malay or Tamil. English is probably going to get more people reading it, but please write in the language you’re most comfortable with.
  • We’re happy to help edit your story if you need some help. Just let us know and we’ll follow up on your story before we publish it.
  • Please be careful about libel and slander – basically, don’t say anything that you can’t stand behind.
  • Your story still belongs to you, even when it’s posted to You can share it on other websites or media.
  • If you’d like to be anonymous, you can just use initials or different names and change identifying details.


  • To include photographs or videos, please email them directly to
  • If you don’t include a photograph with your story, we will add a non-identifying illustration


  • All stories are posted with comments allowed. Because people can be jerks on the internet, you may get some mean comments. will moderate any harassment or trolling up to banning people and deleting the comments. However, critical comments that are polite will remain. You don’t have to respond to them unless you want to.


  • Minor changes like spelling and punctuation will be updated directly. If you need to make major changes to your story or add additional information, a note explaining the changes will be added to the top of the updated story.
  • If you change your mind and want to remove your story, that’s okay.

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