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If you have a personal story about your family in Singapore’s healthcare system, please read Share Your Story on how you can raise your voice in our national conversation on healthcare for children. 

  • How could we pay free healthcare for children?
  • How are medical costs determined by the government?
  • An ordinary citizen’s guide to the Ministry of Health
  • What happens when your medisave runs out?
  • How much more do single parents end up paying?
  • When will medisave be extended to cover congenital birth defects?
  • Subsidizing IVF but not pre-natal checkups?
  • The HPV vaccine should be free for children
  • How do other countries with free healthcare for children make it work?
  • Do we have enough child psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors and social workers?
  • Trustfunds for children with disabilities
  • Breaking down Singapore’s healthcare budget
  • Downgrading and upgrading classes – practical tips
  • Your baby is in the NICU – practical tips
  • What your MP can do to help with medical costs
  • Children’s healthcare charities in Singapore
  • What’s a medical social worker?
  • Special education, special costs – how do families manage?
  • How the Baby Bonus works and doesn’t


photo by: photosteve101